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Paul Pogba is a French professional football player who currently plays as a central midfielder for Juventus and the France national team. Born on March 15, 1993, in Lagny-sur-Marne, France, Pogba is widely regarded as one of the best midfielders in the world, known for a rare mix of technical ability, range of passing, physicality, ball-winning abilities, and creativity on the pitch.

Pogba began his career at the age of six playing for local club US Roissy-en-Brie. He later joined US Torcy, from where the rough diamond was scouted by Le Havre AC. In 2009, Pogba joined Manchester United's youth academy and quickly made a name for himself as a highly-prodigious talent. He made his first-team debut in 2011 but struggled to establish himself in the squad.

In 2012, Pogba left the northern England club after his contract expired, having only made seven appearances as a substitute. He joined Juventus, who only had to pay £800,000 to secure his services.

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At Juventus, he became an integral part of the team, completing a wonderful midfield alongside Juve legends Andrea Pirlo, Arturo Vidal and Claudio Marchisio. He enjoyed a trophy-laden four-year stint with the Italian giants, helping them win four consecutive Serie A titles and the Coppa Italia twice between 2012 and 2016, as well as reaching the UCL final in 2014/15. Pogba was also named the Serie A Footballer of the Year in 2013 and 2014 and was included in the UEFA Team of the Year in 2015.

His performances were so good that Manchester United -- the very same club that released him -- forked out a then world-record fee of £89 million to prize him away from Turin in 2018. He was 23 and had been named young player of the tournament at the previous World Cup. He was a rising star, the type of player and leader who was expected to pull United out of their post-Alex Ferguson rut.

It all started so positively for Pogba back at Manchester United. In his first season, he played alongside Zlatan Ibrahimovic and helped them win the League Cup and the Europa League, while also moving the Red Devils to a second-place league finish and a return to Champions League action.

However, it all turned sour towards the end of his second stint at United. He has also been criticised for his performances, while some fans and pundits have accused him of not living up to his potential and being inconsistent on and off the pitch.

After another underwhelming season in 2021/22, he left Old Trafford at the end of his contract in the summer of 2022 to rejoin Juventus on a free transfer. He has played just twice for the Italian giants since moving to Turin, with his first season back in Italy largely plagued by various injury problems.

For France, he was one of the driving forces of France's 2018 World Cup win, playing a crucial role in the midfield alongside N'Golo Kante. He was once again a key player for France at Euro 2020 and has made 91 appearances for France, scoring 11 goals but he missed the 2022 World Cup through injury.

Here are 15 fun facts about Pogba you need to know!

15 fun facts about Paul Pogba | Goal.com US (2024)


How many games did Pogba play for United? ›

Pogba switched to Juventus in July 2022 from Manchester United, for whom he made 154 league appearances in total, scoring 29 goals and providing 38 assists. It was on September 22, 2012 that Pogba made his Serie A debut, at the age of 19 years and 191 days, versus Chievo.

Does Pogba eat meat? ›

MANCHESTER UNITED'S new £109million star Paul Pogba has rattled up a quick-fire fat-trick since signing – he can't stop eating. The French international stunned staff at a £25-a-head all-you-can-eat steakhouse by almost finishing off their supplies of prime beef.

How many caps does Pogba have for France? ›

National team career
#National team
France U20
8 more rows

Does Pogba have a tattoo? ›

Pogba's commitment to his faith was reflected in his choice not to have any tattoos, making him one of the few footballers in the modern era who opted to keep his body ink-free.

How many languages can Pogba speak? ›

Paul Pogba:

French football player Paul Pogba plays primarily as a central midfielder (but can also play as a left winger, defensive midfielder, attacking midfielder, and a playmaker) for Juventus Football Club and the France National Team. Pogba is multilingual and can speak French, English, Italian, and Spanish.

Is Pogba a 10? ›

In his final year at Juve, Pogba inherited the fabled No. 10 shirt when Carlos Tevez returned to Argentina, and he lived up to the lineage of the number, and at times was so much better than the opposition in Serie A it resembled an adult playing among kids.

What team is Pogba on in 2024? ›


How many games has Paul Pogba missed? ›

Injury history
SeasonDaysGames missed
19/20288 days51
18/1929 days6
17/1863 days16
16/1718 days5
6 more rows

Does Paul Pogba have a pet? ›

Pogba buys a guard dog

Pogba contacted Chaperone K9, a specialist security company, to buy a guard dog. He then acquired a rottweiler, paying 15,000 pounds (around 17,000 euros) for his new pet.

Why is pogba called octopus? ›

As connoisseurs of Italian cuisine might know, that translates as 'the Octopus'. But Pogba wasn't given that tag for his love of seafood; it was applied simply because of his long legs and dexterity when reaching out to bring the ball under control.

Is Pogba Religious? ›

"Quran has guided me" — Paul Pogba on being a Muslim convert, Islam and Muhammad Ali. Manchester United footballer Paul Pogba talked about being a Muslim convert, the importance of Islam in his life and why the late boxing legend Muhammad Ali is his hero.

How rich is Paul Pogba? ›

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Pogba's net worth is estimated to be in the region of $125 million (£99m). That's thanks to the big wages he's cashed in at United and Juventus, while he's also been one of the football's most marketable stars in recent years.

How many goals did Pogba score for Man Utd? ›

Stats by club
Total :96
Manchester United23342
Juventus FC19028
Manchester United U21212
1 more row

How many assists does Pogba have? ›

During the season 2021/22, Paul Pogba made nine assists. His best assisting season was 2017/18, where he reached a total of ten scorer points.

What is Pogba good at? ›

Pogba is currently serving a doping ban, and thus ineligible to play. A versatile player, he operates primarily as a central midfielder, but can be deployed as a left winger, attacking midfielder, and defensive midfielder.

Is Pogba from Adidas or Nike? ›

Over the years, Adidas and Pogba have launched at least nine different collections of signature soccer boots and apparel. The relationship between athletes and brands often becomes complicated during incidents of performance-enhancing drugs.

How much money does Pogba have? ›

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Pogba's net worth is estimated to be in the region of $125 million (£99m).


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