20 Best Ways To Invest $100 To Make $1,000 A Day (2024)

20 Best Ways To Invest $100 To Make $1,000 A Day (1)

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If you’re an underfunded investor with only a hundred bucks or so to put in play, you can grow that money slowly over time through traditional investment accounts with a long-term strategy for building wealth. Another option, for the less patient perhaps, would be to assess your risk tolerance and take a bigger swing in the short term to try to turn that $100 into a respectable pile of seed money much quicker.

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Key Takeaways

  • Leverage small investments wisely: Even with $100, strategic investments in diverse asset classes like real estate, stocks and high-yield savings can yield strong growth over time.
  • High-risk, high-reward options: Engaging in riskier investments such as options trading and cryptocurrency offers the potential for rapid gains, but requires caution and a solid understanding of the markets.
  • Financial education: Learning about finance can help you as an investor understand how to make smart choices and deal with the complicated aspects of different investment options.
  • Investing technology: Using robo-advisors and online platforms can simplify the investment process, making it more accessible and cost-effective for beginners.
  • Invest in personal growth: Putting time into your own personal development and learning can have long-term benefits, which can then enhance career prospects and overall financial well-being.

How To Invest $100 To Make $1000 a Day in 20 Ways

The best way to invest money, whether you are looking to start investing in traditional stocks and bonds, certificates of deposit, growing a retirement plan or something a bit riskier, is by following the advice of experts and financial advisors who have a good track record with investment strategies. Here are 20 areas to consider putting your money in.

  1. Invest in real estate
  2. Gather your savings in a high-yield savings account
  3. Invest in the stock market
  4. Start a blog
  5. Use robo advisors
  6. Invest in cryptocurrency
  7. Start an e-commerce business
  8. Start a dropshipping business
  9. Invest in yourself and personal growth
  10. Grow a YouTube audience
  11. Look into fractional shares
  12. Buy index funds
  13. Open a Roth IRA
  14. Consider Worthy Bonds
  15. Join a lending club
  16. Buy and sell items on eBay
  17. Develop an affiliate marketing strategy
  18. Try a rolling membership transfer pool
  19. Collect dividends
  20. Fund your retirement account

1. Invest In Real Estate

When it comes to investing for beginners with a goal of earning $1,000 a day this may seem like a lofty goal, especially when it comes to real estate. For example, Omer Reiner, a licensed realtor and president of Florida Cash Home Buyers had this to say,

“First, you need to understand that turning $100 into $1,000 requires a whopping 1,000% return. Even some of the world’s most successful companies still take years to return 1,000%. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. You just need to take much riskier bets.”

2. High-yield Savings Accounts

It may seem a bit safe but a high-yield savings account is considered to be a high-interest savings account and therefore could turn your $100 into $1,000 just by leaving it alone. The interest earned is higher than the national average for a standard savings account and it is FDIC-insured.

You can find high-yield savings accounts at most banks, credit unions or financial institutions. But online banks tend to have the best rates because they have lower overhead than other financial institutions so be sure to do your research when gathering up your savings to open an account.

3. Invest In the Stock Market

Right now, there’s an individual stock out there somewhere that will earn its investors 1,000% in the relatively near future. All you have to do is guess which one it is and buy it at just the right time.

Or you could take your $100 to where the casino wing of the stock market begins, where options traders risk large-scale losses in the pursuit of gargantuan gains. Instead of buying or selling securities like stocks, options traders buy contracts that give them the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell shares sometime in the future based on how they think the security will perform.

While this kind of investing can deliver bigger, faster returns, options trading is much more complex than buying and holding an ETF — and this high-stakes corner of the stock market is notorious for handing out losses that compound at a terrifying pace.

“Stock options are very, very risky, but they allow you to turn a small amount of money into a lot,” said Reiner.

Mixing it up with your investments is a smart move. By putting your money in different baskets, like the steady earners of index funds or stocks that pay you back with dividends, you reduce your risk of losing big. Plus, knowing your stuff really pays off. The more you learn about investing, the better you can navigate the ups and downs, making choices that fit both your dreams and your comfort with risk.

There’s also something fulfilling about the way your money can grow over time thanks to compound interest. Even a little bit stashed away in a high-yield savings account or bonds can balloon into something much bigger if you’re patient and keep at it. And don’t forget about the benefits of using accounts like Roth IRAs that come with tax advantages, helping you keep more of your hard-earned cash in your pocket.

4. Start a Blog

There is so much streaming content out there that finding the right television show, movie or other content can be daunting. You could dedicate a blog to guiding people to your favorite content and even do reviews. It costs nothing to do so but if you find and grow a following you can make a lot of money.

You can monetize your site by running ads or featuring sponsored content for the material you were writing anyway. If you are someone who loves to consume content, you could easily turn this into a profitable business where you would only have to invest your time to make some money. You could also start a blog about any of your interests to turn $100 into $1,000 easily.

5. Use Robo-Advisors

A robo-advisor is an automated online investing platform. Digital platforms like these offer financial planning services based on algorithms. Using a robo-advisor account allows the financial company to charge less and offer much lower investment minimums than a traditional financial advisor so it saves you money while making your money.

Arguably a more passive form of investing, robo advisors might help grow your money faster without a lot of upfront investment. Here are a few popular ones to consider:

  • Acorns
  • Ally Invest
  • Axos
  • Betterment
  • Ellevest
  • SoFi

6. Invest in Cryptocurrency

If you’re looking to invest $100 and turn it into $1,000, the cryptocurrency market might bring you the biggest potential return. Outside of Bitcoin, there may be a few other options to consider you haven’t heard of yet. Your chances of having a big payoff might be better with a smaller coin that hasn’t already been pumped up by institutional investors such as Bitcoin.

Here are six cryptocurrencies that might still have a high ceiling:

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)
  2. Ethereum (ETH)
  3. BNB (BNB)
  4. Solana (SOL)
  5. Lido Staked Ether (STETH)
  6. XRP (XRP)

7. Start an E-commerce Business

Starting your own E-commerce business can be a great side hustle and you can start with low funds. You can save money on startup costs while you turn a profit selling your products, goods or services.

You can invest in building a website with the ability to send or receive payments and then start selling your wares. If you don’t have a website and want to start selling straight away you could also look into starting your E-commerce store through existing platforms such as Instagram or Etsy.

8. Start a Dropshipping Business

To begin you would take and handle online orders that don’t require the retailer or seller involved to maintain a physical product inventory. In simple terms, you are a middleman for online distribution. Customers place orders with a retailer or seller, the order is sent to a third party, and that party fulfills and ships the order.

Dropshipping has extremely low overhead and you don’t have to store any of the inventory which means you have the potential to make a lot of money quickly. Here are some steps you can take with your $100:

  • Pick a business concept
  • Find and source your products
  • Select your suppliers
  • Grow your online store
  • Register your business

9. Invest In Yourself and Personal Growth

Going on a red-hot options run is a fast — and highly improbable — way to turn $100 into $1,000. By investing that $100 in your future, on the other hand, you might be able to turn it into $1,000 many times over down the road.

“It’s highly unlikely that you’ll find a nine-bagger investment, so focus more on the utility you can get out of that $100,” said Grigory Lukin, a former Amazon financial analyst who retired at 34 and is now a blogger at Let’s Retire Young.

Although he expected his advice to sound “patronizing and weird,” Lukin gave the example of a $2 investment in floss saving thousands of dollars in dental care down the road.

“Buy books on personal finance to learn more,” said Lukin, who recommended authors like Ramit Sethi and Tim Ferriss. “Invest whatever money you have into your knowledge and skill set. Turn that cash into a force multiplier as your new skills — and super-healthy gums — will help you crush the competition and get far ahead in life.”

Steffa Mantilla, a certified financial education instructor and founder of the personal finance website Money Tamer, agrees with that sentiment.

“If you’re underfunded and have $100, use that money to get a certification or skill that can advance your career,” Mantilla said. “There are no reliable get-rich-quick schemes, so instead of wasting that $100, leverage it for a skillset that can get you paid a whole lot more in a job.”

10. Grow a YouTube Audience

Starting a YouTube channel and making videos can be a great gateway to earning some extra cash. Investing $100 into equipment or materials for your videos can turn it into thousands in revenue. There are a few basic things you can do to start to monetize your YouTube videos and make money by growing your YouTube audience:

  1. Monetize your content
  2. Set up your channel for success
  3. Turn on display ads
  4. Grow your audience
  5. Incorporate product or affiliate marketing
  6. Create sponsored content

11. Look into Fractional Shares

Investing in fractional shares essentially means you are investing in a stock slice, or less than a whole share of the company. This means you can invest based on dollar amount, which would allow you to invest your $100 accordingly if you find a stock you like. You could potentially end up with a fraction of a share, a whole share or even more than one share.

12. Buy Index Funds

Index funds can be a good investment as they are low-cost options to diversify your portfolio that passively passes an index. Do your research on what ETFs or index funds are tracking best for your goals. You can find the ones that are doing so at the lowest cost so can be a great way to invest $100 to eventually make $1,000 in returns.

13. Open a Roth IRA

IRAs, which stands for individual retirement accounts are self-directed and offer basic tax advantages to grow your savings. Traditional and Roth IRAs both limit your annual contributions to $6,000 a year, with the option to make an additional $1,000 “catch-up” contribution once you turn 50. By investing in a Roth IRA now you can grow your funds and reap the benefits in retirement.

14. Consider Worthy Bonds

When considering investing in Worthy bonds it is important to know Worthy is the name of a company that offers a fixed interest rate of at least 5% on bonds it renders to its users. The minimum investment is only $10, so imagine what you could do with $100 as the interest gets compounded in your account.

15. Join a Lending Club

Lending money can help grow your money through interest earned. By opening an account with a lending club, you can immediately start earning more than a savings account by lending your money to individuals or companies.

This form of peer-to-peer payment is a great marketplace for connecting investors and borrowers. You can invest in people, real estate ventures, new start-ups or other investment options. You get a fixed rate of interest as a lender on top of the principal amount when the loan is repaid so you can easily turn $100 into $1,000 or more in a day.

16. Buy and Sell Items on eBay

Buying, selling or reselling items on eBay is a great way to turn a profit without investing a lot. If you have a lot of stuff you are looking to get rid of, or you are a great bargain shopper, eBay is a great way to turn trash into treasure. Do some research on what is selling well but you could easily make a hefty markup profit off of items such as the following:

  • Used cell phones
  • Fashion watches
  • Vintage clothing
  • Vintage electronics
  • VCRs
  • Retro video games
  • Old luggage
  • Voice recorders or tape recorders

17. Develop an Affiliate Marketing Strategy

An affiliate marketing strategy involves making money off of content you already create. For example, if you are a website owner, blogger or have another eligible platform you can earn commission rates or referral fees when a customer clicks on a link you’ve posted. If they then click through to purchase products or wherever the link directs them you can earn money.

18. Try a Rolling Membership Transfer Pool

Credit cards, banks and brokerages offer juicy bonuses to new customers, but they can only cash in once — unless more than one customer gets organized. Consider a rolling membership transfer pool, one of the most unique and least risky quick-cash ideas that you’ll find.

“The concept is relatively simple,” said Brad Biren, an elder law attorney in Des Moines, Iowa, and founder of IQMOP.com. “You and your friends pool your money and open bank accounts with promotional returns like $300 if you open an account and do these five things within the first month. There is no law against working together to extract the greatest value from the greatest number of promotional bank accounts.”

Biren continued, “One could pool their money among six friends, open six accounts, two at each branch, and earn money in promotions. People used to do this in the 1970s with bank accounts to get free toasters and other giveaways because banks were limited in what they could give away.”

19. Collect Dividends

Investing your $100 into dividend stocks gives you the potential to earn both income and capital gains. If you want to play in the stock market but want something a little less risky dividend stocks may work for you as they tend to be less volatile. Make sure to research the following about a company before investing:

  • The company’s dividend history
  • Whether they are consistently paying dividends
  • What is the dividend yield of the company
  • How much money you’ll earn on your investment
  • The company’s payout ratio

20. Fund Your Retirement Account

Planning for your retirement is key to a successful and comfortable future. If all you have today is $100, you can put it in a retirement account to start your savings journey. The type of accounts you choose will play a major role in reaching your retirement financial goals.

Outside of previously mentioned IRAs you can develop a more diverse and flexible portfolio and design the best retirement plan for you but opening one or both of the following:

  • Employer-sponsored retirement plans: These come with benefits for both employer and employee.
  • Self-employed retirement plans: Several plans give small business owners, contract employees and self-employed workers the same opportunities to save for retirement as those working a typical 9-to-5 job.

Final Take To GO

If you have been trying to hatch a plan to turn the $100 you have in your hand into $1,000, it is possible to achieve this with both short-term and long-term goals. $1,000 a day in passive income may take time to build up to, however, keep in mind that if you are making that much that is the same as making $365,000 a year which many people do through varying investment strategies.

Andrew Lisa contributed to the reporting for this article.

The article above was refined via automated technology and then fine-tuned and verified for accuracy by a member of our editorial team.

20 Best Ways To Invest $100 To Make $1,000 A Day (2024)


How to turn $100 into $1000 in a day? ›

How To Invest $100 To Make $1000 a Day in 20 Ways
  1. Invest in real estate.
  2. Gather your savings in a high-yield savings account.
  3. Invest in the stock market.
  4. Start a blog.
  5. Use robo advisors.
  6. Invest in cryptocurrency.
  7. Start an e-commerce business.
  8. Start a dropshipping business.
Apr 1, 2024

How to invest $100 dollars for quick return? ›

What are some low-risk ways to invest $100?
  1. High-yield savings accounts. Compared to traditional savings accounts, these accounts offer higher interest rates, which can help your money grow faster.
  2. Certificates of deposit (CDs). ...
  3. Treasury bonds.
Jan 10, 2024

How to grow your $100? ›

11 Ways to Invest $100
  1. Build a portfolio.
  2. Trade fractional shares.
  3. Earn interest with a high-yield savings account.
  4. Start an emergency fund.
  5. Save for a child's education.
  6. Start a brokerage account.
  7. Open a robo-advisor account.
  8. Consolidate and pay off debt.
Mar 12, 2024

How can I double my $1000? ›

If your employer offers a dollar-for-dollar match contribution, you can double $1,000 by investing it in your 401(k). Other than that, there's no easy or risk-free way to double $1,000—you can invest the money in individual stocks, but there will be risks involved.

How to double $2000 dollars in 24 hours? ›

Try Flipping Things

Another way to double your $2,000 in 24 hours is by flipping items. This method involves buying items at a lower price and selling them for a profit. You can start by looking for items that are in high demand or have a high resale value. One popular option is to start a retail arbitrage business.

How much money will I have if I invest $100 a month? ›

Investing $100 per month, with an average return rate of 10%, will yield $200,000 after 30 years. Due to compound interest, your investment will yield $535,000 after 40 years. These numbers can grow exponentially with an extra $100. If you make a monthly investment of $200, your 30-year yield will be close to $400,000.

What happens if you save $100 dollars a month for 40 years? ›

According to Ramsey's tweet, investing $100 per month for 40 years gives you an account value of $1,176,000. Ramsey's assumptions include a 12% annual rate of return, which some critics have labeled as optimistic given that the long-term average annual return of the S&P 500 index is closer to 10%.

How to double 100$? ›

For a safer approach, consider depositing your $100 into a high-yield savings account or a certificate of deposit (CD). These financial products typically offer higher interest rates than regular savings accounts. While it may take some time to double your money using this method, it's a low-risk option.

Is it worth investing 100 dollars? ›

Investing your $100 can be pivotal in generating passive income, preparing for financial uncertainties, and achieving long-term goals. The magic of compound interest implies that even modest sums can snowball over time.

How can I grow $5000 fast? ›

Here are seven of the best ways to invest $5,000:
  1. S&P 500 index funds.
  2. Nasdaq-100 index ETFs.
  3. International index funds.
  4. Sector ETFs.
  5. Thematic ETFs.
  6. Real estate investment trusts (REITs).
  7. Investing with the greats.
Mar 1, 2024

How can I make 100 dollars fast legally? ›

10 simple ways to make $100 fast
  1. Return unused items.
  2. Drive for Uber or Lyft.
  3. Sell your unused gift cards.
  4. Do food delivery.
  5. Rent out your parking space.
  6. Tutor.
  7. Sell your stuff online.
  8. Find freelance gigs online.
Aug 10, 2023

How to make money starting with $100? ›

Our six best ways to invest $100 starting today
  1. Start an emergency fund.
  2. Use a micro-investing app or robo-advisor.
  3. Invest in a stock index mutual fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF).
  4. Buy stocks in fractional shares.
  5. Put it in your 401(k).
  6. Open an individual retirement account (IRA).
Nov 29, 2023

How to turn 100k into 1 million? ›

If you keep saving, you can get there even faster. If you invest just $500 per month into the fund on top of the initial $100,000, you'll get there in less than 20 years on average. Adding $1,000 per month will get you to $1 million within 17 years. There are a lot of great S&P 500 index funds.

What is the quickest way to double your money? ›

The classic approach of doubling your money by investing in a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds is probably the one that applies to most investors. Investing to double your money can be done safely over several years, but for those who are impatient, there's more of a risk of losing most or all of their money.

How to multiply your money? ›

Let's explore some of the most effective methods for multiplying your money passively, helping you achieve financial freedom and security:
  1. Investing in the Stock Market. ...
  2. Real Estate Rentals. ...
  3. Peer-to-Peer Lending. ...
  4. Dividend Stocks and Funds. ...
  5. Creating and Selling Digital Products. ...
  6. Automated Businesses and Dropshipping.
5 days ago

How to make $1,000 dollars fast in a day? ›

How To Make $1,000 A Day
  1. Make Money Blogging.
  2. Create A Side Hustle Stack.
  3. Start An Ecommerce Business.
  4. Start A Service-Based Business.
  5. Retail Arbitrage.
  6. Passive Income Rentals.
  7. Use Geo-Arbitrage.
  8. Consulting.
5 days ago

How to flip your money fast? ›

How To Flip Money To Make More Money?
  1. Buy And Sell Products On eBay. ...
  2. Become A Local Real Estate Flipper. ...
  3. Invest In Commodities. ...
  4. Trade Forex. ...
  5. Flip Cars For Profit. ...
  6. Invest In Mutual Funds. ...
  7. Buy & Sell Domain Names. ...
  8. Buy & Sell Antiques.

How to make $100 dollars really fast? ›

So, let's dive right in and learn how to make 100 dollars fast.
  1. Drive for Uber or Lyft. Do you have a clean and presentable car? ...
  2. Be a Food Delivery Driver. ...
  3. Shop for Others. ...
  4. Advertise on the Move. ...
  5. Offer Your Skills for Money. ...
  6. Become a Virtual Assistant. ...
  7. Offer Expert Advice. ...
  8. Get Paid for Sharing Opinions.
5 days ago


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