Exotic Berserker’s Armor – No Crafting (2024)

Want level 80 Exotic Berserker’s armor, but hate crafting? You have more options than you might think! Find out how to get level 80 Exotic gear in GW2 with Berserker’s stats (a.k.a. “full zerk”) without having to craft anything.

NOTE: If you don’t like the look of these armor sets, you can use a Transmutation Charge to re-skin it with another skin in your account wardrobe.

Temple of Grenth Armor

The easiest way to get level 80 Exotic gear with Berzerker’s stats is to buy it from Keeper Jonez Deadrun at the Temple of Grenth in Cursed Shore. Jonez will sell you a set of armor for Karma after you finish his event chain.

The temple armor sets are:

NOTE: You can buy temple armor from any temple vendor in Orr. However, you can only get armor with Berserker’s stats at the Temple of Grenth.

Each armor piece costs 42,000 Karma. A full set costs 252,000 Karma. Need more Karma? Check out our article on the best ways to farm Karma.

Trading Post

You can buy Exotic Berserker’s armor on the Trading Post. There are three sets of named armor, and three sets of craftable armor.

Judging by the price of the craftable armor sets, most people overlook the named armor. You can buy a full set of named armor for about 10 gold. However, the craftable armor sets cost about 40-60 gold for a full set.

The named Berserker’s armor sets you can buy on the Trading Post are:

The craftable Berserker’s sets you can buy on the Trading Post are:

Incidentally, the craftable Berserker’s armor sets are one of the few things you can reliably craft and sell for gold, particularly if you farm the more expensive ingredients.

Verdant Brink

When the Verdant Brink nighttime meta event gets to tier 4, you have a chance to be awarded a Bladed Armor Box. The Bladed armor is stat-selectable, and Berserker’s is one of the available stats.

The higher your map participation, the more likely it is you’ll get a Bladed Armor Box. You need a minimum of 33% participation to have a chance to get a box. You are guaranteed an armor box if your participation is 100% or higher, so be sure to maximize your event participation.

Dungeon Armor

If you enjoy running dungeons, you can buy level 80 Exotic Berserker’s armor from the dungeon vendor with tokens from The Ruined City of Arah, Crucible of Eternity, or Citadel of Flame dungeons.

The Arah armor sets are:

The Citadel of Flame armor sets are:

The Crucible of Eternity sets are:

You can earn 20 dungeon tokens each time you finish an explorable path, plus a bonus 80 tokens per path per day. The total cost of a full set is 1,380 tokens.

WVW Armor – Badges of Honor

If you like doing WvW, you can buy level 80 Exotic Berserker’s armor from the Armor Master with a combination of gold and Badges of Honor.

The WvW armor sets are:

The total cost for a set is 5 gold 44 silver plus 950 Badges of Honor.

PVP and WVW Reward Track Armor

Another armor option for PVP- and WVW-lovers is the Triumphant, Legacy, Elonian, Bounty Hunter’s, and Warbeast armor sets. You can earn these from their respective PVP or WVW Reward Tracks. These sets are stat-selectable, with Berserker’s as one of the selectable options.

The Triumphant sets are:

The choices available from the Legacy reward track are:

Choose the Crystal Desert Reward Track to earn:

If you’re working on a WVW reward track, remember to take as many WXP boosts as possible. If you’re in a guild with a developed guild hall, get the WVW Reward Track Boost from the guild hall bartender.

PVP Reward Track Armor

The Glorious armor set is only available from the PVP Glorious Reward Track. This level 80 Exotic armor is stat-selectable, with Berserker’s as one of the available stats.

The Glorious armor is available in three weights:

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

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Exotic Berserker’s Armor – No Crafting (2024)


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