FFXIV Carbuncle glamours & how to change a summon's color (2024)

Both Summoners and Scholars in Final Fantasy XIV are able to summon a pet to their side, which helps them in battle and supports them in times of need. You can summon them from early on, but if you want to change the appearance, you’ll need to be at least level 50.

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If you’re playing as Summoner or Scholar, you’ll have either a Carbuncle or Eos at your side while exploring Eorzea. While the original is nice, there are options that allow you to customize the appearance of your pet.

Before you ask, no, you can’t have a white Carbuncle whether you’re playing as a Summoner or Scholar, even though we’ve seen at least one in Final Fantasy XIV previously. Alphinaud, the lucky duck, has a Moonstone Carbuncle that he claims to be the final result of his research. Unfortunately, he hasn’t passed on his knowledge, so we’re unable to follow suit with our own white pet.

How to change the appearance of your pet in Final Fantasy XIV

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Before you can even begin to think about changing your pet’s appearance, you’ll need to reach level 50 as either a Summoner or a Scholar. Once you’ve done this, head to Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks and speak to Thubyrgeim (X:4.7, Y:11.4) in the Arcanist’s Guild while equipped as a Summoner. Pick up the quest called “An Egi by Any Other Name” and complete the simple steps.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to freely change the way your pet appears to yourself and everyone around you. It’s worth noting that changing the appearance of your pet is purely cosmetic and has no effect on the way it acts during battle.

The command you’re going to want to memorize is as follows:

“ /egiglamour “egi name” “glamour” ”

Now, I’m going to take a second here to explain what on earth an ‘Egi’ is. ‘Egi’ is a suffix meaning ‘essense of’. Essentially, your pet is the ‘Egi’, whether you’re a Scholar with Eos at your side or a Summoner with a Carbuncle. Either way, that’s your ‘Egi’. Now that you know that, hopefully, this makes more sense.

Anyway, the “egi name” section of this input will differ depending on if you’re playing as a Summoner or a Scholar. For Summoners, this will need to be changed to “carbuncle” while for Scholars, this will need to be changed to “eos”.

The “glamour” section of the input is the most important part, and you have a few options regardless of which Job you’re playing, as well as some that are unique to each Job. Here are all of the things that can replace “glamour” in this input:

Change “glamour” toChanges appearance to
“Emerald Carbuncle”Blue colored Carbuncle
“Topaz Carbuncle”Yellow colored Carbuncle
“Ruby Carbuncle”Red colored Carbuncle
“Titan-egi”Small floating Titan (Summoner only)
“Garuda-egi”Small floating Garuda (Summoner only)
“Ifrit-egi”Small floating Ifrit (Summoner only)
“Selene”Replaces Eos with Selene (Scholar only)

So, with all this information, here’s a couple of examples to hopefully make things more clear:

If you’re a Summoner who wants to replace the default blue Carbuncle with a small version of Garuda who follows you everywhere, you’d input the following into the chat box:

“ /egiglamour “carbuncle” “garuda-egi” ”

Or if you’re a Scholar who wants to change Eos into a Ruby Carbuncle capable of healing you at all times, you’d input:

“ /egiglamour “eos” “ruby carbuncle” ”

If you’ve already got your pet summoned when you type in this input, you’ll need to summon them again before the changes will appear.

Here are all of the different appearances in picture format:

FFXIV Carbuncle glamours & how to change a summon's color (2)
FFXIV Carbuncle glamours & how to change a summon's color (3)
FFXIV Carbuncle glamours & how to change a summon's color (4)

How to remove a glamour from a pet in Final Fantasy XIV

If you’re not happy with your choice to change the appearance of your pet, say you want Eos back at your side while playing as Scholar rather than the Ruby Carbuncle, you can easily remove the glamour by inputting the first part of the glamouring input while leaving out the second part:

“ /egiglamour “eos” ”

This will restore your pet back to its default appearance, so a Emerald Carbuncle for Summoners and Eos for Scholars.

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FFXIV Carbuncle glamours & how to change a summon's color (2024)


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